B.Tech Projects in NS2

A group-based multilayer encryption scheme for secure dissemination of post-disaster situational data using peer-to-peer delay tolerant network
Cognitive Radio-Aware Transport Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Performance Analysis of Space Shift Keying in Decode-and-Forward Multi-hop MIMO Networks
Optimal Transmit Power Allocation for MIMO Two-Way Cognitive Relay Networks with Multiple Relays using AF Strategy
Multi-terminal network options for the interconnection of offshore wind farms: A case study between Britain and The Netherlands
Set Optimization for Efficient Interference Alignment in Heterogeneous Networks
Performance evaluation of a sensor-based system devised to minimize commercial losses in street lighting networks
On Managing Quality of Experience of Multiple Video Streams in Wireless Networks
Neural network based energy storage control for wind farms

B.Tech Projects in NS2
Accelerating network-on-chip simulation via sampling
Connectivity Evaluation in Random Wireless Multihop Networks under Inverse Gaussian Shadowing Channels
Pay-as-you-go reconciliation in schema matching networks
Cross-layer design for TCP splitting connections with network coding in DVB-RCS networks
A Study of Enhancement in Virtual Content Distribution Network
On-the-Fly Capture and Replay Mechanisms for Multi-Port Network Devices in Operational Networks
Comparison of Particle Swarm Optimization algorithms in Wireless Sensor Network node localization
Qualified Stateless Multicast Routing Protocol for Enhancing the Network Lifetime in MANET
Integration of Distributed Generation in the Volt/VAR Management System for Active Distribution Networks
A Nested Ecohydrological Wireless Sensor Network for Capturing the Surface Heterogeneity in the Midstream Areas of the Heihe River Basin, China

B.Tech Projects in NS2
Neural network based reinforcement learning control of autonomous underwater vehicles with control input saturation
An Enhanced Handover Scheme for Mobile Relays in LTE-A High-Speed Rail Networks
Performance Analysis of MU-MIMO in Downlink Cellular Networks
Modeling and analyzing information diffusion behaviour of social networks
Resource allocation in D2D-enabled cellular networks using hierarchical game
In-Network Cache Management and Resource Allocation for Information-Centric Networks
An Evaluation of Adaptive Traffic Engineering for Delivering High Bandwidth Movie on Overlay Routing Network
EEG-based event detection using optimized echo state networks with leaky integrator neurons
B.Tech Projects in NS2