2014 NS2 Project

1  FBMIS A Fuzzy Based Multi interface System for Cellular and Ad Hoc Networks[NS2 SIMULATION]
2  Content distribution in Delay Tolerant Networks using social context[NS2 SIMULATION]
3  CAOR Context aware adaptive opportunistic routing in mobile ad hoc networks[NS2 SIMULATION]
4  An admission control scheme for secondary users in cognitive radio networks[NS2 SIMULATION]
5  On developing efficient unmanaged services in Content Aware Networks[NS2 SIMULATION]
6  Trustworthy service discovery for mobile social network in proximity[NS2 SIMULATION]
7  Neighbors and relative location identification using RSSI in a dense wireless sensor network[NS2 SIMULATION]
8  A BSP approach to composite network analysis[NS2 SIMULATION]
9  Knowledge Acquisition Method based on Singular Value Decomposition for Human Motion Analysis [ns3simulationproject]
10  A New Multicast Scheduling Scheme for Cellular Networks [ns2simulation]