2014 NS2 Project

11  Fast Data Collection in Linear Duty-Cycled Wireless Sensor Networks[ns2simulation]
12  A Contention-Free Parallel Access by Butterfly Networks for Turbo Interleavers [ns2simulation]
13  Key Management for Static Wireless Sensor Networks With Node Adding [ns2simulation]
14  A Decentralized Positioning Method Based on Recursive Weighted Least Absolute Value Optimization for Wireless Sensor Networks [ns2simulation]
15  An Enhanced Group Mobility Protocol for 6LoWPAN-Based Wireless Body Area Networks [ns2simulation]
16  An Approach for Online Assessment of Rooftop Solar PV Impacts on Low-Voltage Distribution Networks [ns2simulation]
17  New Criteria for Global Robust Stability of Delayed Neural Networks With Norm-Bounded Uncertainties [ns2simulation]
18  Energy Efficient Collaborative Beamforming in Wireless Sensor Networks [ns2simulation]
19  Synchronization of Nonlinear Dynamical Networks With Heterogeneous[ns2simulation]
20  Synchronization of Nonlinear Dynamical Networks With Heterogeneous Impulses [NS2 simulation]