2015 NS2 Project

1  A Framework for Recommender Systems in Online Social Network Recruiting: An Interdisciplinary Call to Arms[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECTS]
2  A distributed paging mechanism over the X2 interface for all-wireless Networks of Small Cells[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECTS]
3  Analyzing active probing for practical intrusion detection in Wireless Multihop Networks[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECTS]
4  Charging coverage for energy replenishment in wireless sensor networks[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECTS]
5  Proposal of flexible time-slot assignment algorithm for sub-λ switching network[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECTS]
6  Network-based content identification system via content-based comics fingerprint[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECTS]
7  Utilization-Aware Channel Allocation and Routing for Mesh Networks for Battery-Powered Surveillance Cameras[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECTS]
8  Optimal routing for bidirectional flows with network coding in asymmetric wireless networks[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECTS]
9  Energy saving in an integrated home network infrastructure[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECTS]
10  GraphDiaries: Animated Transitions and Temporal Navigation for Dynamic Networks [ns2simulationprojects]