IEEE NS2 Project

11  1+1 Dedicated Optical-Layer Protection Strategy for Filterless Optical Networks [ns2simulationcode]
12  Algorithmic Aspects in Planning Fixed and Flexible Optical Networks With Emphasis on Linear Optimization and Heuristic Techniques[ns2simulationcode]
13  Experimental Assessment of Bulk Path Restoration in Multi-layer Networks Using PCE-based Global Concurrent Optimization [ns2simulationcode]
14  Storing Sparse Messages in Networks of Neural Cliques [ns2simulationcode]
15  cluster-Based Resource Management in OFDMA Femtocell Networks With QoS Guarantees [ns2simulationcode]
16  A 90-nm CMOS 5-Mbps Crystal-Less RF-Powered Transceiver for Wireless Sensor Network Nodes [ns2simulationcode]
17  Improvement of Spatio-temporal Growth Estimates in Heterogeneous Forests Using Gaussian Bayesian Networks [ns2simulationcode]
18  Performance Analysis of Circuit Switched Multi-Service Multi-Rate Networks With Alternative Routing[ns2simulationcode]
19  Downlink Rate Distribution in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks under Generalized Cell Selection[ns2simulationcode]
20  Authentication of k Nearest Neighbor Query on Road Networks [ns2simulationcode]