Latest NS2 Project

1  Optimization of broadband wireless networks with centralized control using memetic algorithm[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECT]
2  A reinforcement learning-based routing scheme for cognitive radio ad hoc networks[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECT]
3  Impact of optical flexibility and sub-band switching on multi-layer transport network architectures[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECT]
4  Scalable hierarchical rings based routing to a mobile robot in wireless sensor networks[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECT]
5  An application-specific routing algorithm to maximize flow-lifetime in sensor networks[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECT]
6  Dynamic safety in collaborative robot workspaces through a network of devices fulfilling functional safety requirements[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECT]
7  Analysis of the match probabilities for the iTrust information network with message forwarding[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECT]
8  Cascading failures of wireless sensor networks[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECT]
9  An Imperialist Competitive Algorithm for Interference-Aware Cluster-Heads Selection in Ad Hoc Networks[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECT]
10  A receiver-initiated MAC protocol for underwater acoustic sensor networks[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECT]