Latest NS2 Project

11  Analysis and Design of Distributed Antenna-Aided Twin-Layer Femto- and Macrocell Networks Relying on Fractional Frequency Reuse [ns2simulationproject]
12  DealingWith Outliers inWireless Sensor Networks: An Oil Refinery Application[ns2simulationproject]
13  Recovery in Channel-Hopping Cognitive Networks Under Random Primary-User Activity [ns2simulationproject]
14  Relay Antenna Selection in MIMO Two-Way Relay Networks Over Nakagami-m Fading Channels [ns2simulationproject]
15  Top-k Query Result Completeness Verification in Tiered Sensor Networks [ns2simulationproject]]
16  Coded Cooperative Data Exchange in Multihop Networks [ns2simulationproject]
17  Convergence Rates of Distributed Nesterov-Like Gradient Methods on Random Networks[ns2simulationproject]
18  Channel Idle Time Statistics Based Spectrum Accessing Strategies With CSMA Based Primary Networks [ns2simulationproject]
19  An Experimental Study on Speech Enhancement Based on Deep Neural Networks [ns2simulationproject]
20  Optimized Parallel Transmission in Elastic Optical Networks to Support High-Speed Ethernet[ns2simulationproject]