NS2 Project Title

1  Mobile network traffic: A user behaviour model[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECTS]
2  Energy-Efficient Data Gathering Using Sleep Scheduling and Spatio-temporal Interpolation in Wireless Sensor Networks[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECTS]
3  Time-varying resilient virtual network mapping for multi-location cloud data centers[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECTS]
4  SODCA: A Self-Organized Distributed Channel Access scheme for IEEE 802.11 networks[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECTS]
5  Collaborative data transmission in vehicular ad-hoc networks[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECTS]
6  Greedy backpressure routing for Smart Grid sensor networks[NS2 SIMULATION PROJECTS]
7  Distributed PDN gateway support for scalable LTE/EPC networks[NS2 SIMULATION
8  A Beaconing Based Opportunistic Service Discovery Protocol for Vehicular Networks[NS2 SIMULATION]
9  Efficient delay aware data collection in mostly off wireless sensor networks[NS2 SIMULATION]
10  Study of an admission control with adaptive probability in relay enhanced LTE-Advanced networks[NS2 SIMULATION]