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Massive MIMO for interference management in heterogeneous networks
Performance Analysis of Incremental Hop Selection Scheme with Adaptive Modulation for Cooperative Multi-Hop Networks
Energy optimization through traffic aggregation in wireless networks
Tree network based on Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless sensor network applications
Energy independent clustering routing algorithm for wireless sensor network
A one-layer discrete-time projection neural network for support vector classification
Flow-level delay optimization with traffic adaption and inter-cell interference coordination in cellular networks
Partial stability of probabilistic Boolean network
Automotive in vehicle network protocols

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Characterising fireballs for mass determination: Steps toward automating the Australian desert fireball network
Efficiency estimation of using MIMO technology in multi-hop networks
Optimization-based procedure to support sensor network co-design: An application to dynamic consensus problem
Max Contribution : An On-line Approximation of Optimal Resource Allocation in Delay Tolerant Networks
Energy Saving Enhancement for LTE-Advanced Heterogeneous Networks with Dual Connectivity
Wireless network resource allocation optimization by nonlinear Perron-Frobenius theory
Robust precoding for network MIMO with hierarchical CSIT
Network Risk Limiting Dispatch: Optimal Control and Price of Uncertainty
A cascading framework for uncovering spammers in social networks
Data at the speed of light [Information Technology High-Speed Networks]

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Genetic algorithm for solving Survivable Network Design Problem with Extending-Cycle-Based Protected Working Capacity Envelope
Dynamic Request Redirection and Elastic Service Scaling in Cloud-Centric Media Networks
Inter-Data Center Network Dimensioning under Time-of-Use Pricing
Dynamic Range-Aware Uplink Transmit Power Control in LTE Networks: Establishing an Operational Range for LTE’s Open-Loop Transmit Power Control Parameters $(alpha, P_{0})$
Bird protector-related issues on medium voltage overhead networks
CB-REFIM: a practical coordinated beamforming in multicell networks
Time varying effective connectivity for describing brain network changes induced by a memory rehabilitation treatment
Analysis of Backward Congestion Notification with Delay for Enhanced Ethernet Networks
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