M.Tech NS2 Projects

Fault detection, identification and localization in medium-voltage networks using fuzzy-logic
Channel division multiple access: The access solution for UWB networks
Closed-form capacity formula for multi-antenna cognitive radio networks with asymmetric fading
Coalition game-theory-based congestion control in Hybrid Fi-Wi indoor network
Fairness guaranteed joint CRE and eICIC scheme for capacity improvement in two-tier heterogeneous networks
A Bayesian network approach for compiler auto-tuning for embedded processors
Implementation of a NARX neural network in a FPGA for modeling the inverse characteristics of power amplifiers
When and how should the optical network be upgraded to flex grid?
Generalized spectral footprint minimization for OFDMA-based cognitive radio networks

M.Tech NS2 Projects
A routing layer number generation and dynamic routing algorithm on random wireless sensor network
Leveraging Physical-Layer Capabilites: Distributed Scheduling in Interference Networks With Local Views
Optimal Allocation of Dispersed Energy Storage Systems in Active Distribution Networks for Energy Balance and Grid Support
QoE aware resource allocation for video communications over LTE based mobile networks
Joint analysis of small-cell network performance and urban Electromagnetic Field exposure
Convolutional Neural Networks for Document Image Classification
Application of compressive sensing to limited feedback strategy in large-scale multiple-input single-output cellular networks
Networks on chip design for real-time systems

M.Tech NS2 Projects
Design and implementation of sequential repair and backup routing protocol for wireless mesh network
Security performance of multiple antennas multiple relaying networks with outdated relay selection
Improved cryptanalysis combining differential and artificial neural network schemes
Study and analysis of Social network Aggregator
Optimising capacity-coverage of a fixed WiMAX network
Physics-inspired methods for networking and communications
An incremental structure learning approach for Bayesian Network
M.Tech NS2 Projects