M.Tech Wireless Communication Projects

Direct Learning of Sparse Changes in Markov Networks by Density Ratio Estimation
Comparison of File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) techniques for small business networks
Titan: Enabling Low Overhead and Multi-faceted Network Fingerprinting of a Bot
Liquid cell management for reducing energy consumption expenses in hybrid energy powered cellular networks
Linking Biochemical Pathways and Networks to Adverse Drug Reactions
Microeconomic analysis of base-station sharing in green cellular networks
A novel network risk assessment method based on vulnerability correlation graph
Minimizing mobility and communication energy in robotic networks: An optimal control approach
Joint spectrum and power allocation in coded cooperative cognitive radio networks

M.Tech Wireless Communication Projects
Reconfigurable free-space optical indoor network using multiple pencil beam steering
Efficient packet recovery in wireless networks
A novel & practical approach to structural health monitoring — The RECONASS vision: Local positioning, sensor networks, secure communications and remote sensing at the service of structural monitoring to assess construction damage and related needs
A Dynamic Random Graph Model for Diameter-Constrained Topologies in Networked Systems
CDNI field trial on ISP networks
General Framework and Algorithm for Data Rate Maximization in DSL Networks
Cross-language transfer learning for deep neural network based speech enhancement
A Novel En-Route Filtering Scheme Against False Data Injection Attacks in Cyber-Physical Networked Systems
A 2D Indoor Positioning System Based on a Wireless Sensor Network Technology for Power Adjustable Solutions
Assessment of a New Constraint Satisfaction-Based Hybrid Distributed Control Technique for Power Flow Management in Distribution Networks with Generation and Demand Response
A low-power reconfigurable CMOS power amplifier for wireless sensor network applications

M.Tech Wireless Communication Projects
Network inference and change point detection for piecewise-stationary time series
Minimal sparse observability of complex networks: Application to MPSoC sensor placement and run-time thermal estimation & tracking
An analytical model for the analysis of propagation of IEMI in electrical networks
Zoning for hierarchical network optimization in software defined networks
M.Tech Wireless Communication Projects