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Delay tolerant network (DTN) is another option to support opportunistic communications for mobile networks. Here we used GPS, it provide navigational aid while tracking mobile clients. Here clients are not  require to know their location and only need to periodically probe beacon message. In proposed system we used k-means clustering algorithm to form the cluster. Our goal is to dynamically allocate a finite number of mesh nodes to cover as many mobile clients as possible, while maintaining the connectivity between the groups of clients.This is our first module. In our concept we form the 50 nodes. Each of which are mobile nodes and also each of which contains the mesh client. The node formation is the first step of our process. In which nodes are added in to the network. The nodes are in mobile nature. The nodes are free to move.

Madurai Star Student Project Technologies

  In our network each of which nodes contain the mesh client. But the mesh client does not have the knowledge of their locations. So first of all we need to finding out the location.  We find out the location with the help of the GPS value receives by each node. Because we need to find out the location then only we made the communication process between the router and mesh client.The node movements are updated by each node. This forms the topology. The topology is nothing but how the nodes interconnect with each other. Here we first select router and mesh client in order to make packet transmission. Then nearest neighbor nodes are chosen for packet forwarding.  Madurai Star Student Project Technologies

Madurai Star Student Project Technologies

Madurai Star Student Project Technologies

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