MS in Networking

Towards efficient virtual network embedding across multiple network domains
Wormhole Attack Detection Algorithms in Wireless Network Coding Systems
Counteracting malicious users in cognitive radio networks over imperfect reporting channels
In-Network Compute Extensions for Rate-Adaptive Content Delivery in Mobile Networks
On the Achievable Diversity of Repetition-Based and Relay Selection Network-Coded Cooperation
Hybrid Method Inference for the Construction of Cooperative Regulatory Network in Human
Green networking: Developing sustainable computer networks

MS in Networking
Efficient Alignments of Metabolic Networks with Bounded Treewidth
Networking solutions for connecting bluetooth low energy enabled machines to the internet of things
Cross-layer optimization for wireless sensor networks with RF energy transfer
Routing over intermittent links for network centric warfare applications
Symbol Error Analysis of Hybrid Satellite–Terrestrial Cooperative Networks With Cochannel Interference
Low-Power Wireless ECG Acquisition and Classification System for Body Sensor Networks
Evaluation studies of combined wavelet and neural network applications in high voltage transmission line protection
Short-Term Load and Wind Power Forecasting Using Neural Network-Based Prediction Intervals
Exponential H8 filtering for switched neural networks with mixed delays
High speed LED based visible light communication networks for beyond 10Gb/s wireless access
A Fast Blind Rendezvous Method by Alternate Hop-and-Wait Channel Hopping in Cognitive Radio Networks
Infocommunication systems parameter monitoring by means of artificial neural network devices
Decision fusion in vehicular sensor networks for intelligent traffic management

MS in Networking
Classification of leakage detections acquired by airborne thermography of district heating networks
QoE-based scheduling algorithm in WiMAX network
Decision Justifications for Wireless Network Selection
Bridging the Gap of Network Management and Anomaly Detection through Interactive Visualization
Cooperative spectrum sensing against attacks in cognitive radio networks
An examination of synchronisation in Artificial Gene Regulatory Networks
RASR/NN: The RWTH neural network toolkit for speech recognition
Identifying Jammers in Wireless Sensor Network with an Approach to Defend Reactive Jammer
MS in Networking