Network Security Projects

Exact and Heuristic Solutions for Energy-Aware Multihop Cooperation over Wireless Networks
Optimization of neural network architecture using genetic algorithm for load forecasting
Network Function Virtualization: Challenges and Directions for Reliability Assurance
Selection of secondary users for cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks using discrete stochastic optimization
A new hybrid channel allocation scheme for mobile networks: Markov chain representation
The bandwidth of instrument current transformer for fault detection in distribution networks
Stabilization and destabilization of network processes by sparse remote feedback: Graph-theoretic approach
Mobile traffic offloading by exploiting social network services and leveraging opportunistic device-to-device sharing
Heuristics for the design of heterogeneous telecommunication networks with QoS
How will optical transport deal with future network traffic growth?

Network Security Projects
Neural network adaptive state feedback control of a magnetic levitation system
Research on invulnerability of combined operations combat network under repair
Enhanced hybrid positioning in wireless networks I: AoA-ToA
Approximation Algorithms for Mobile Data Caching in Small Cell Networks
Efficient Privacy-Preserving Authentication in Wireless Mobile Networks
An evaluation of data mining classification models for network intrusion detection
A Guide to the Stochastic Network Calculus
Broadcast Scheduling with Latency and Redundancy Analysis for Cognitive Radio Networks
RPNoC: A Ring-Based Packet-Switched Optical Network-on-Chip
On the throughput and energy benefits of network coded cooperation

Network Security Projects
Modeling and experimental study on oil tank farm fire spread based on wireless sensor network
Contactless Measurement of Substation Busbars Voltages and Waveforms Reconstruction Using Electric Field Sensors and Artificial Neural Network
Benefits of Demand Response on Operation of Distribution Networks: A Case Study
Statistical power consumption assessment of mobile access networks at country level
Performance analysis of general order selection in decentralized cognitive radio networks
Network Security Projects