NS2 for B.Tech

Hybrid cloud rendering-oriented virtual network embedding in Optical and Data Center Networks
An efficient lossless data reduction algorithm for cluster based wireless sensor network
Minimum Energy Data Transmission for Wireless Networked Control Systems
Multipair Two-Way Relay Networks with Very Large Antenna Arrays
A General Complex Dynamical Network With Time-Varying Delays and Its Novel Controlled Synchronization Criteria
Building a network performance benchmarking system using monitoring as a service infrastructure

Lifetime and coverage maximization technique for mobile sensor networks
Clustering and Resource Allocation for Dense Femtocells in a Two-Tier Cellular OFDMA Network
Cluster-Head Selection Algorithm to Enhance Energy-Efficiency and Reliability of Wireless Sensor Networks
PayLess: A low cost network monitoring framework for Software Defined Networks
Multi-step forecasting of wave power using a nonlinear recurrent neural network
A Trust-based Privacy-Preserving Friend Recommendation Scheme for Online Social Networks

NS2 for B.Tech
Game Theory Inspired Mobile Object Trapping System in Mobile Wireless Sensor Network
Multiplexing of Asynchronous and Independent ASK and PSK Transmissions in SDN-Controlled Intra-Data Center Network
State Estimation and Voltage/VAR Control in Distribution Network With Intermittent Measurements
Paraphrastic neural network language models
Distributed particle filtering for blind equalization in receiver networks using marginal non-parametric approximations
Genetic Algorithm based Neural Network for the displacement of landslide forecasting
An ultra low-power wakeup receiver for energy-efficient wireless senor network
A Novel Two-Layer Passive Optical Interconnection Network for On-Chip Communication
On scheduling algorithm for device-to-device communication in 60 GHz networks
Adaptive Error- and Traffic-Aware Router Architecture for 3D Network-on-Chip Systems

NS2 for B.Tech
Color image processing based on Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Convolutional Neural Network
Improving Spectral Efficiency of MIMO Ad Hoc Network via Greedy MCS Packing
Fuzzy uncertainty assessment in RBF Neural Networks using neutrosophic sets for multiclass classification
Interconnecting Standard M2M Platforms to Delay Tolerant Networks
Demonstration of a Hybrid Opto-Electronic Transmitter on SoI for Access Networks
NS2 for B.Tech