NS2 Lab Programs

Single-band full-duplex MAC protocol for distributed access networks
Systematic network coding for transmission over two-hop lossy links
Exploiting multimedia services in mobile social networks from security and privacy perspectives
An incentivized offloading mechanism via truthful auction in heterogeneous networks
Fear of frying electromagnetic weapons threaten our data networks. Here’s how to stop them
On the Performance of MIMO Cooperative Transmission for Broadband Vehicular Networks
Software-Defined Access Network (SDAN)
A recurrent neural network for real time electrical microgrid prototype optimization
Resource Allocation in OFDMA Networks With Imperfect Channel State Information

NS2 Lab Programs
A Query Approach for Influence Maximization on Specific Users in Social Networks
On the multicast of delay sensitive data in erasure networks using practical network coding
On the unconditional stability of N-port networks
Trends and directions in networking — Impact of virtualization and cloud
Content hunting for in-network cache: Design and performance analysis
Spatial-Temporal Enhancement of ACO-Based Selection Schemes for Adaptive Routing in Network-on-Chip Systems
On Applying Network Coding in Network Assisted Device-to-Device Communications
Experimental assessment of a scalable and flow-controlled optical switch system for flat datacenter networks
Opportunistic Channel Access and RF Energy Harvesting in Cognitive Radio Networks

NS2 Lab Programs
A mechanism for discovery and prevention of coopeartive black hole attack in mobile ad hoc network using AODV protocol
Longest Prefix Lookup in Named Data Networking: How Fast Can It Be?
Optimal sizing and allocation of residential photovoltaic panels in a distribution network for ancillary services application
Complex lithology automatic identification technology based on fuzzy clustering and neural networks
A brain-like multi-hierarchical modular neural network with applications to gas concentration forecasting
Power system management using wide area network digital control
NS2 Lab Programs