NS2 Programming Language

Application of Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for the Adaptive Computation of the Smoothing Parameter for Probabilistic Neural Network
Remarks on quaternion neural network based controller with application to an inverted pendulum
Heuristic Routing Algorithms for Minimum Energy Cooperative Multi-hop Wireless Networks
Cross-Layer Network Lifetime Maximization inInterference-Limited WSNs
Effective defending against flood attack using stream-check method in tolerant network
Power Minimization Based Resource Allocation for Interference Mitigation in OFDMA Femtocell Networks
Distributed Information-Based Cooperative Strategy Adaptation in Opportunistic Mobile Networks

NS2 Programming Language
A Sword with Two Edges: Propagation Studies on Both Positive and Negative Information in Online Social Networks
Hilbert-Huang transform and neural networks for electrocardiogram modeling and prediction
A Smart Sensor Network for Sea Water Health Monitoring
Improving throughput of saturated wireless network with hidden terminals exist
Toward Practical MAC Design for Underwater Acoustic Networks
Low-complexity noncoherent fusion rules for wireless sensor networks monitoring multiple events
Capacity and association for outdoor small cell LTE-A network
Excogitation of secure data authentication model for wireless body area network

NS2 Programming Language
Inferring Gene Regulatory Networks with Sparse Bayesian Learning and phi-mixing coefficient
Polytope Codes Against Adversaries in Networks
Delay and Throughput Analysis of a Two-Way Opportunistic Network Coding-Based Relay Network
On the Joint Impact of Beamwidth and Orientation Error on Throughput in Directional Wireless Poisson Networks
An opportunistic spectrum sharing scheme for dense small cell networks
NS2 Programming Language