NS2 Projects

Improved keyword spotting system by optimizing posterior confidence measure vector using feed-forward neural network
A polymorphic recogniser for distributed intelligence in wireless sensor networks
Self congestion prediction algorithm for efficient routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
Elastic networks in reshaping human intentions by proactive social robot moves
Impedance-Source Networks for Electric Power Conversion Part II: Review of Control and Modulation Techniques
Fault diagnosis of five-phase fault-tolerant permanent-magnet motor based on principal component neural network
Toward a New Task Assignment and Path Evolution (TAPE) for Missile Defense System (MDS) Using Intelligent Adaptive SOM with Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs)

NS2 Projects
Efficient CodeGuard mechanism against pollution attacks in interflow Network coding
Tunable impedance matching networks on printed ceramics for output matching of RF-power transistors
Moving-Target Defenses for Computer Networks
The charging-scheduling problem for electric vehicle networks
Implementation of an ieee 802.15.4 compliant multi-hop wireless sensor network for energy-efficient sensor data and progressive image transmission
Location aided semi-blind interference alignment for clustered small cell networks
Enhanced Inertial-Aided Indoor Tracking System for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Review
Performance analysis of high speed optical network based on Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
Group synchronization and control of a new class of adaptive complex network with Brownian Motion and Time-varying Delay
Analysis of the implementation characteristics of DDoS attacks on Wi-Fi networks
Linear Analysis of the Vectorial Network Model

NS2 Projects
Vector quantization based QoS evaluation in cognitive radio networks
Wireless Sensor Network Platform for Intrinsic Optical Fiber pH Sensors
Effects of Leakage Inductances on Magnetically Coupled Y-Source Network
NS2 Projects