NS2 Simulation

Find the Weakest Link: Statistical Analysis on Wireless Sensor Network Link-Quality Metrics
Position Paper: Reactive Logic in Software-Defined Networking: Accounting for the Limitations of the Switches
Robust Networked Control Scheme for Distributed Secondary Control of Islanded Microgrids
Predicting user QoE satisfaction in current mobile networks
Partial DCT-based energy efficient compression algorithm for wireless multimedia sensor network
A Punishment Policy for Spectrum Sensing Data Falsification Attackers in Cognitive Radio Networks
Development of onboard LPM-based header processing and reactive link selection for optical packet and circuit integrated networks
Switching system architecture for optical-circuit-packet converged transport network
Gallium arsenide photonic crystal devices for fast integrated optical networks

NS2 Simulation
Probabilistic Radio Resource Allocation over CDMA-Based Cognitive Radio Networks
Analysis of routing protocols using UDP traffic under dynamic network topology
Stability properties of infected networks with low curing rates
Pulmonary Edema Monitoring Sensor With Integrated Body-Area Network for Remote Medical Sensing
Analysis of the power quality and the impact of photovoltaic power plant operation on low-voltage distribution network
Optimized hierarchical OXC architecture for elastic optical network
Maximum coverage heuristics (MCH) for target coverage problem in Wireless Sensor Network
Sneak paths effects in CBRAM memristive devices arrays for spiking neural networks
A center-of-gravity multicast routing protocol for traveling search in wireless mesh network

NS2 Simulation
Demonstration of an LTE portable network for private and emergency use – Introducing a fully distributed LTE network architecture
Auction-Based Network Selection in a Market-Based Framework for Trading Wireless Communication Services
NS2 Simulation