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A new energy efficient queue based multipath load balancing in Ad hoc network
Network capacity expansion methods based on efficient channel utilization for multi-channel wireless backbone network
Multichannel joint rate and admission control mechanism in vehicular area networks
BER-Driven Resource Allocation for Scalable Bitstreams Over OFDMA Networks
Robust speech recognition using consensus function based on multi-layer networks
Integrated network selection scheme for remote healthcare systems
ADON: Application-driven Overlay Network-as-a-Service for data-intensive science
Battery Emulation for Power-HIL Using Local Model Networks and Robust Impedance Control

About NS2 Simulation
A Motor Rotary Fault Diagnosis System Using Dynamic Structural Neural Network
Layered Interference Networks With Delayed CSI: DoF Scaling With Distributed Transmitters
Optimizing Storage Siting, Sizing, and Technology Portfolios in Transmission-Constrained Networks
Implementation on max-relay selection in cooperative wireless networks with data compression techniques
Link Capacity-energy Aware WDC for Network Lifetime Maximization
Stochastic loss minimization for power distribution networks
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Cattle monitoring system using wireless sensor network in order to prevent cattle rustling
On the performance of the LISP beta network
Sensing in Mobile Sensor Networks with Noisy Mobility Knowledge
Action recognition from motion capture data using Meta-Cognitive RBF Network classifier
Artisanal Local Networks: Game Work and Culture in Independent Game Production
Proportional Fair Coding for Wireless Mesh Networks
About NS2 Simulation