Protocols in NS2 Simulation

Cluster Head Election for Energy and Delay Constraint Applications of Wireless Sensor Network
An analysis of concurrence entanglement measure and quantum fisher information of quantum communication networks of two-qubits
Performance measurement in selfish overlay network by fuzzy logic deployment of overlay nodes
Workload-Aware Credit Scheduler for Improving Network I/O Performance in Virtualization Environment
Reliability analysis of nuclear I&C architecture using Bayesian networks
Recommendation based on Deduced Social Networks in an educational digital library
Integrating self-organizing neural network and Motivated Learning for coordinated multi-agent reinforcement learning in multi-stage stochastic game

Protocols in NS2 Simulation
Optimizing neural network topology using Shapley value
Inapproximability of power allocation with inelastic demands in AC electric systems and networks
On the suitability of public mobile networks for supporting train control/management systems
Energy-efficient context-aware user association for outdoor small cell heterogeneous networks
Low power embedded controlled sensor network for agricultural applications
Identification of Nonlinear Dynamic System Using a Novel Recurrent Wavelet Neural Network Based on the Pipelined Architecture
Spectrum Sharing in MIMO Cognitive Radio Networks Based on Cooperative Game Theory
How photonic networking can help data centres
Wrist Pulse Diagnosis Using Complex Network
Acceleration and visualization of Dynamic Network Optimization

Protocols in NS2 Simulation
Energy efficient routing issues and challenges in mobile Ad Hoc networks
Instability detector of a fragile neural network: Application to seizure detection in epilepsy
Survivable virtual infrastructure mapping with shared protection in transport software defined networks (T-SDNs)
HOME FADS: A dedicated fire alert detection system using ZigBee wireless network
Fabrication of triangular nanobeam waveguide networks in bulk diamond using single-crystal silicon hard masks
Protocols in NS2 Simulation