Simulation Software

Dual-band rectifier based on resistance compression networks
Secure micro mobility protocol for new generation wireless network
Effect of Retransmission and Retrodiction on Estimation and Fusion in Long-Haul Sensor Networks
Evaluation of technical risks in distribution network along with distributed generation based on active management
Analysis of Uplink Inter-Carrier-Interference in OFDMA Femtocell Networks
Performance analysis of cognitive radio networks over ?-ยต fading channel with noise uncertainty
Distributed precoding for wireless information and power transfer in MIMO DF relay networks
Experimental assessment of ABNO-based network orchestration of end-to-end multi-layer (OPS/OCS) provisioning across SDN/OpenFlow and GMPLS/PCE control domains

Simulation Software
A comparison of Multi-Layer Perceptron and Radial Basis Function neural network in the voice conversion framework
Distribution network development based on stochastic modelling approach
Dynamics of the entanglement over noisy quantum networks
Dynamic modelling of supercapacitor using artificial neural network technique
Performance of Advanced Decoding Schemes for Uplink Relaying in Cellular Networks
A high-order Markov chain based scheduling algorithm for low delay in CSMA networks
A Survivable Virtual Network Embedding scheme based on load balancing and reconfiguration
The effect of smart appliances and smart gateways on network loads

Simulation Software
Cluster based V2V communications for enhanced QoS of SVC video streaming over vehicular networks
Secure SIP signalling service in IMS network
Relay assignment in multiple source-destination cooperative networks with limited feedback
Supervised segmentation of vasculature in retinal images using neural networks
An accurate and convenient lumped/discrete port de-embedding method for the 3D integration and packaging full-wave modeling by splitting and absorbing the Error-Cancelling Network
Downlink electric-field and uplink SAR prediction algorithm in indoor wireless network planner
Simulation Software