PHD in NS2 Projects

Downlink capacity analysis of two-hop relay OFDMA cellular network with load balancing
Dynamic subcarrier assignment for OFDM-PON network based on RSOA for ACCORDANCE
Topologic and dynamic resilience model of Chinese airport network
Fuzzy Q-learning based vertical handoff control for vehicular heterogeneous wireless network
Capacity improvement for heterogeneous LTE network by using Fractional Frequency Reuse method
Dynamic topology management in flexible aerial-terrestrial networks for public safety
A sentiment analysis prototype system for social network data

PHD in NS2 Projects
Tyche: An efficient Ethernet-based protocol for converged networked storage
Bio-inspired Group Modeling and Analysis for Intruder Detection in Mobile Sensor/Robotic Networks
Evaluation of Sleep Scheduling Method for Data Collection from Sensor Networks Divided into Local Areas
Cooperation in Delay Tolerant Networks with Wireless Energy Transfer: Performance Analysis and Optimization
Diffusion LMS Strategies in Sensor Networks With Noisy Input Data
Throughput-optimal user association in energy harvesting relay-assisted cellular networks
Robust recursive network clock synchronization
Emergency communication in IMS network: Challenges in implementation
Wireless network capacity versus Ollivier-Ricci curvature under Heat-Diffusion (HD) protocol
A comprehensive study of Twitter social networks
PR2 looking at things — Ensemble learning for unstructured information processing with Markov logic networks
Neural Network-Based Model Predictive Control: Fault Tolerance and Stability

PHD in NS2 Projects
Exact Cramer–Rao Bounds for Semiblind Channel Estimation in Amplify-and-Forward Two-Way Relay Networks Employing Square QAM
Distributed Learning-Based Spectrum Allocation with Noisy Observations in Cognitive Radio Networks
The Butterfly-Shaped Feedback Loop in Networked Control Systems for the Unknown Delay Compensation
Equivalent Line Limit Calculation for Power System Equivalent Networks
Adaptation of the ALOHA-Q protocol to Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Networks
Design of Hybrid WDM/OCDM Add/Drop Filters and Its Experimental Demonstration for Passive Routing in Metropolitan and Access Integrated Network
Energy cost of security in an energy-harvested IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Network
PHD in NS2 Projects