PHD in NS2

Prediction-based load control and balancing for feature extraction in visual sensor networks
Power-rate control with directional transmission and reception in a cognitive radio network
Marginal Power Efficiency Considerations in Power Control Adaptations for Multihop Cellular Networks
A Multi-Mode Control Strategy for VAr Support by Solar PV Inverters in Distribution Networks
Throughput of a cognitive radio network under congestion constraints: A network-level study
A decentralized load balancing algorithm for heterogeneous wireless access networks
Automated Covert Channel Modeling over a real network platform

PHD in NS2
Degrees of freedom of uplink-downlink multiantenna cellular networks
The Innovation Network as a Complex Adaptive System: Flexible Multi-agent Based Modeling, Simulation, and Evolutionary Decision Making
SCTP-C2: Cross-layer Cognitive SCTP for multimedia streaming over multi-homed wireless networks
Measurement and Analysis on the Packet Delivery Performance in a Large-Scale Sensor Network
Network Mapping by Replaying Hyperbolic Growth
Fast-Tuning Coherent Burst-Mode Receiver for Metropolitan Networks
Quantum dash based directly modulated lasers for long-reach access networks
Modelling of user behaviour in cellular networks
A Radio Access Technology Selection Mechanism for Reducing Signaling Load and Accessing Delay in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

PHD in NS2
On the Reception of Concurrent Transmissions in Wireless Sensor Networks
Master-slave switching nodes for power grid communications in substation based on software defined network
Neural Network-Based Finite Horizon Stochastic Optimal Control Design for Nonlinear Networked Control Systems
HistoGraph — A Visualization Tool for Collaborative Analysis of Networks from Historical Social Multimedia Collections
Model predictive control of multi-robot formation based on the simplified dual neural network
Outage performance of multiple-input??multiple-output decode-and-forward relay networks with the Nth-best relay selection scheme in the presence of co-channel interference
Training Large Scale Deep Neural Networks on the Intel Xeon Phi Many-Core Coprocessor
PHD in NS2