PHD in Wireless Communication Projects

Time dependent pricing in wireless data networks: Flat-rate vs. usage-based schemes
A Probabilistic Generative Model for Mining Cybercriminal Networks from Online Social Media
Provable per-link delay-optimal CSMA for general wireless network topology
Accelerating information diffusion in social networks under the Susceptible-Infected-Susceptible epidemic model
Research Paper on Burst Assembly Modeling for Optical Burst Switched Network
Application of Deep Belief Networks for Natural Language Understanding
Improved ROADM Architecture for Network Defragmentation Comprising a Broad-Band Wavelength Converter
Neural network training schemes for antenna optimization

PHD in Wireless Communication Projects
The role of mobility for D2D communications in LTE-advanced networks: energy vs. bandwidth efficiency
Improved Fault Classification in Series Compensated Transmission Line: Comparative Evaluation of Chebyshev Neural Network Training Algorithms
Prioritized Congestion Aware Routing Protocol in Distributed Sensor Network
SDN-based solutions for Moving Target Defense network protection
Common-Channel Optical Physical-Layer Network Coding
Multiple subject analysis of functional brain network communities through co-regularized spectral clustering
A sequential learning algorithm for a Minimal Spiking Neural Network (MSNN) classifier

Secure communication in cellular networks: The benefits of millimeter wave mobile broadband
Low-power all-digital manchester-encoding-based high-speed serdes transceiver for on-chip networks
Neural Network for Nonsmooth, Nonconvex Constrained Minimization Via Smooth Approximation
Security-Aware Relaying Scheme for Cooperative Networks with Untrusted Relay Nodes
IEEE 802 standardization on heterogeneous network interworking
All-VCSEL based 100-Gb/s PDM-4PAM coherent system for applications in metro networks
Exploiting degraded-service tolerance to improve performance of telecom networks
Coalitional Games for Resource Allocation in the Device-to-Device Uplink Underlaying Cellular Networks
Network performance reliability evaluation based on network reduction

PHD in Wireless Communication Projects
Fuzzy neural network in condition maintenance for marine electric propulsion system
Network-assisted D2D communications: Implementing a technology prototype for cellular traffic offloading
PHD in Wireless Communication Projects