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RAN architecture options and performance for 5G network evolution
Detection and prevention of Profile Cloning in Online Social Networks
Enhancing Availability in Content Delivery Networks for Mobile Platforms
An efficient conjugate gradient based learning algorithm for multiple optimal learning factors of multilayer perceptron neural network
Relay node placement algorithm in wireless sensor network
Feedback-Free Non-Cooperative Power Control Game for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Research Profile
Hybrid Control Network Intrusion Detection Systems for Automated Power Distribution Systems
Performance analysis and optimal resource allocation in non line Of sight OFDM-based cognitive networks
Monitoring of traffic networks using mobile sensors
First Experimental Assessment of ABNO-driven In-Operation Flexgrid Network Re-Optimization

Research Profile
Evaluation of Background Push Content Download Services to Mobile Devices Over DVB Networks
On Maximizing the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks in Event-driven Applications with Mobile Sinks
Online social networks to online social malworks — The evolution of an industry
Lightweight Packing of Log Files for Improved Compression in Mobile Tactical Networks
The dynamics model of public opinion diffusion in online social network
Automatic tuning of PID controllers in engine control units by means of local model networks and evolutionary optimization
The diffserv cognitive network node with Controlled-UDP
Massive MIMO architecture for 5G networks: Co-located, or distributed?
Analytical model for jitter in networks with IPP traffic
A study on neural network recognizer based on fuzzy rules and fuzzy inference fuzzy driven neural network recognizer in pattern recognition
Resource allocation policy to avoid interference between cellular and D2D Links/ and D2D links in mobile networks
On the Achievable Degrees of Freedom of Two-Cell Multiuser MIMO Interference Networks
Improving air pollution forecast with ubiquitous mobile sensor network
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