B.E in NS2 Simulation

Blind Image Quality Assessment Using Semi-supervised Rectifier Networks
G.hn network simulator, calibration and simulation results
Real-Time Detection of False Data Injection in Smart Grid Networks: An Adaptive CUSUM Method and Analysis
Clinical Applications of Body Sensor Networks
Large-Scale MIMO Versus Network MIMO for Multicell Interference Mitigation
Demonstration of SDN Based Optical Network Virtualization and Multidomain Service Orchestration
Considerations on the multiplexing and diversity tradeoff in ieee 802.11 networks

B.E in NS2 Simulation
Micro Aerial Vehicle OVIAV) research and application in the city distribution networks
Travel time prediction for Origin-Destination pairs without route specification in urban network
An Efficient Distributed Trust Model for Wireless Sensor Networks
Workability review of genetic algorithm approach in networks
K-associated optimal network for graph embedding dimensionality reduction
Challenges of massive access in highly dense LTE-advanced networks with machine-to-machine communications
Fine-grained analysis of packet losses in wireless sensor networks
A database oriented management for asynchronous and consistent reconfiguration in Software-Defined Networks
KrishiSense: A semantically aware web enabled wireless sensor network system for precision agriculture applications
Friendbook: A Semantic-based Friend Recommendation System for Social Networks

B.E in NS2 Simulation
Hierarchical Network Coding for Collective Communication on HPC Interconnects
Sensor grouping for linear distributed estimation in a wireless sensor network
A novel background subtraction for intelligent surveillance in wireless network
Queues management of secondary users in a Cognitive Radio Network
SAPSN: A Sensor Network for Signal Acquisition and Processing
B.E in NS2 Simulation