B.Tech in NS2 Simulation

Maximizing the route capacity in Cognitive Radio networks
Key Element Identification in Cooperative Technological Innovation Risk on Social Network Analysis
Quantum networks — How they will evolve from the classical ones
A multi-flooding data transmission mechanism for low-duty-cycle wireless sensor network
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Optical Network Node Supporting One-to-Six WDM Multicasting of QPSK Signals
A Joint Scheme of Antenna Selection and Power Allocation for Localization in MIMO Radar Sensor Networks
Performance Impacts of Arbitration Functions of Interconnection Network Router for Steady/Unsteady Communications
End-to-End Adaptive Packet Aggregation for High-Throughput I/O Bus Network Using Ethernet

B.Tech in NS2 Simulation
0.34-THz Wireless Link Based on High-Order Modulation for Future Wireless Local Area Network Applications
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B.Tech in NS2 Simulation
Optical packet and circuit integrated network: Development and deployment
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Mathematical Model of a Three-Dimensional Optical Interconnection Network
Priority-Based Time-Slot Allocation in Wireless Body Area Networks During Medical Emergency Situations: An Evolutionary Game Theoretic Perspective
B.Tech in NS2 Simulation