M.E in NS2 Simulation

Context Model Fusion for Multistage Network Attack Simulation
Proposed architecture of a fully integrated modular neural network-based automatic facial emotion recognition system based on Facial Action Coding System
Identification and control of class of non-linear systems with non-symmetric deadzone using recurrent neural networks
Low Complexity Linear Precoding Scheme for Interference Management in Femtocell Networks
Dynamic voltage stability analysis of sub-transmission networks with large-scale photovoltaic systems
Geospatial and Temporal Dynamics of Application Usage in Cellular Data Networks
Energy Management in Cross-Domain Content Delivery Networks: A Theoretical Perspective

M.E in NS2 Simulation
Synchronization and Consensus in State-Dependent Networks
Low Power Reconfigurable Controllers for Wireless Sensor Network Nodes
Physical layer network coding schemes for two-way relay
A generalized Input Admittance Criterion for resonance stability in electrical railway networks
A Datapath-Centric Virtualization Mechanism for OpenFlow Networks
Cadros: The Cloud-Assisted Data Replication in Decentralized Online Social Networks
Underwater network size estimation using cross-correlation: Selection of estimation parameter
An Automatic English Composition scoring model based on neural network algorithm
Over-voltage suppression with RC-filter networks in multiple drives for long cable drives applications

M.E in NS2 Simulation
Application of ISFET Microsensors with Mobile Network to Build IoT for Water Environment Monitoring
Incremental Neural Network Construction for Text Classification
Packet Scheduling for Real-Time Surveillance in Multi-hop Wireless Sensor Networks with Lossy Channels
IEEE Approved Draft Standard for Conformance Test Procedures for Service Interoperability in Ethernet Passive Optical Networks, IEEE Std 1904.1, Package C
Artificial neural network based multimodal biometrics recognition system
M.E in NS2 Simulation