Simple NS2 Programs

Android Smartphone based body area network for monitoring and evaluation of medical parameters
Neural network based radioisotope discrimination on polyvinyl toluene radiation portal monitors
Preserving consumer privacy on IEEE 802.11s-based smart grid AMI networks using data obfuscation
Accelerating the large-scale simulation of power distribution networks by using the multi-GPU LIM
Network adaptability to disasters by exploiting degraded-service tolerance
Some simple criteria for pinning a Lur’e network with directed topology
Power and transmission duration control in un-slotted cognitive radio networks
LF-GFG: Location-Free Greedy-Face-Greedy Routing With Guaranteed Delivery and Lightweight Maintenance Cost in a Wireless Sensor Network With Changing Topology

Simple NS2 Programs
Non-linear design, optimization and analysis of an injection-locked high efficiency VCO with arbitrarily width modulated microstrip line networks
Monolithic integrated silicon-based slot-blocker for packet-switched networks
Observability of Boolean networks with time delays in states and controls
Generating fault rate surfaces using network fault statistics and geographic information
Energy-Efficient WLAN Offloading through Network Discovery Period Optimization
Analysis of an Instantaneous Packet Loss Based Vertical Handover Algorithm for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Application of RBF Neural Network Based on ENN2 Clustering in Fault Diagnosis
Multi-channel Broadcast via Channel Hopping in Cognitive Radio Networks
Application of fire monitoring and personnel evacuation in subway station based on Wireless Sensor Network
How much can knowledge of delay model help chunked coding over networks with perfect feedback?
QoE-Aware Scheduling for Sigmoid Optimization in Wireless Networks

Simple NS2 Programs
First experimental demonstration of ABNO-driven in-operation flexgrid network re-optimization
Energy efficient resource allocation for OFDM multi-relay cellular networks
Proportional integral distributed optimization for dynamic network topologies
Energy aware fault tolerant framework in Wireless Sensor Network
Social Network Data Mining Using Natural Language Processing and Density Based Clustering
OpeNB: A framework for virtualizing base stations in LTE networks
Simple NS2 Programs